Yokogawa 7561

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Yokogawa 7561

The 7560 Series can store 1,000 measured data by using internal memory (or 8,000 data by using an optional IC memory card). This allows high-speed sampling without being affected by transmission capacity via a communication bus. Data can then be transferred to a controller after completing measurements. These storage functions allow DMM to be used as high-speed data logger. High-speed sampling : 7560 Series: 333 times/s The feedback PWM A/D converter, which includes a new counting system, allows a high-speed response without changing any excellent features. The sampling rate of 40 times/s can be obtained even with a 5-1/2 digit display. The 7560 Series offer high system throughput with a large memory capacity, high-speed auto-ranging, programmable sampling interval, and integrating time.

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