Advantest TR2114H

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Advantest TR2114H

The TR2114H is a unique instrument intended to be flexibly used for all kind of experiments and tests in such fields as semiconductors, plant engineering, and new materials. It is designed to cover a wide range of applications for a variety of

The TR2114H accommodates a wide variety of sensors, enabling measurement of temperature using either thermocouples or resistor bulbs in addition to voltage and resistance measurement functions. This combination of functions is extremely powerful in applications such as temperature testing of equipment and in plant maintenance, in which both physical and electrical quantity measurements are required. All temperature measurements are capable of cryogenic temperature measurement with a resolution of 0.1 K, using a Chromel-Au (Fe) or normal silver-Au (Fe) sensor.

  • Temperature Measurement Using Thermocouples and Resistor Bulb  
  • 1 µV Resolution for DC Voltage Measurement and 10 m Ω  
  • Multi-Channel Input (Up to 40 Channels) (With Accessories) 
  • High Sampling Rate of 20 Samples/s 
  • Diverse Calculation Functions 
  • GPIB Full Remote Control 

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