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Advantest R6552

The R6552 Series is a digital multimeter designed for system or bench use with the maximum display of 319999, featuring GPIB and RS232 interfaces with full remote control capability.
It is capable of measuring DC voltage/current, AC voltage/ current, 4- or 2-wire resistance, low/power 4- or 2-wire resistance, (AC+DC) AC voltage/current, frequencies, and diodes.

ADVANTEST's unique multi-slope integral A/D conversion method ensures high speed and high precision measurements.
The AC voltage/current measurement uses the true-RMS (true effective value) method while the (AC+DC) AC voltage/current measurement allows measurement of a true effective value of the distortion wave including the DC components.
In ddition to the FAST/MED/SLOW sampling modes of the conventional models, the R6552 has BURST and LONG-IT modes as well.

  • Maximum display : "319999"
  • High sensitivity : DC voltage 0.1¼V Resistance 100¼©
  • Sampling rate : 1000/sec max. (BURST mode)
  • High accuracy : DC voltage ±0.01% of reading (1 year); AC voltage ±0.06% of reading (1 year); DC ±0.05% of reading (1 year)
  • Extended integral time can be set (LONG-IT mode) in 10ms steps between 100ms and 60s for averaging repetitive signals.
  • GPIB and RS232 interfaces (standard) for external equipment
  • External trigger input, end-of-measurement signal output (standard)
  • NULL, smoothing, scaling, dB/dBm, comparator, and MAX/MIN operation capabilities
  • Data memory (1000 data max.)
  • Parameter backup (4 kinds)
  • High speed auto ranging for optimum setting of measurement ranges
  • Fluorescent display tube for enhanced viewing
  • CE marking compliance

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