Keysight (Agilent) 11612V-K21

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Keysight (Agilent) 11612V-K21

The Agilent 11612V Option K21 is a 50 GHz bias network with force/sense capability. The Option K21 provides a force connection to allow input of a current or voltage signal, and a sense connection to allow monitoring of voltage or current. A ground connection for application of an active ground is also provided. The force, sense, and ground are triaxial connectors.

When used as part of the 85122A system, the bias network is intended to be connected to cables from the SMUs in the 4142 DC source/monitor. The force and sense connectors on the quadraxial cables from the SMUs are connected to the force and sense connectors on the bias network. The triaxial cable from the GNDU is connected to the ground connector on the bias network.

The RF connectors on the bias network are 2.4 mm (f) connectors. The Agilent 11612V Option K21 is used at port 2 of the network analyzer and Option K11 is used at port 1. The RF cable from the network analyzer test port is connected to the RF IN port of the bias network. The RF OUT port of the bias network is connected to the probes, or the fixture, or the device itself.

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