Kenwood TMI FG-275

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Specifications & Attributes (Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators)
Form Factor
0.5 Hz - 5 MHz
Function Generator

Kenwood TMI FG-275

Kenwood TMI Corp. FG-273A 0.2 Hz to 2 MHz, Function Generator

The FG-275/FG-273A are function generators which generates sine wave, triangle wave, square wave and pulse wave, etc. It covers a wide ranges of 0.5 Hz to 5 MHz for the FG-275 and 0.2 Hz to 2 MHz for the FG-273A, while th digital display enables accurate frequency settings. Furthermore, the VCF, DC offset, sweep function and other features enable the FG-275/FG273A to be used in a wide variety of applications including analogue circuits as well as digital circuits.
Wide frequency Range
Various output waveforms
LOG/LIN sweep funcitons
Frequency Counter function
VCF (Ext Frequency cntrl term)
6 digit display, LED
Max. input V: 42Vp-p
Input sens: 30 mVrms
-20/-40 dB attn

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