Ballantine RS-104

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Specifications & Attributes (Spectrum Analyzers)
Form Factor
100 KHz
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Ballantine RS-104

The RS-104 Dynamic Signal Analyzer is a menu based measurement instrument that combines the measurement functions of an instrument with the flexibility of menu driven software. The menu makes it possible to implement many analyzer functions without requiring a large number of front panel controls. This provides for a wide range of functions in a compact package. The RS-104 features 4-Channels,100 kHz Frequency Range, 10.4" Color Display, Simultaneous VGA color output, 486 CPU, 4 MB ram, 650 MB HD min., 1.44 MB 3.5" Floppy, System Software, MS-DOS, IEEE-488 Card and drivers, Hi/Lo limit profiles, w/relay closures, 1/1 and 1/3 octave, A-weighting, and keyboard.

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